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Fall in Love with Making Money

Ailish Flaherty | 14 February, 2024

            Fall in Love with Making Money

It's Valentine's Day and so comes the topic of love. My business is called Wild Heart. I often talk about leading from the heart. I talk about following your heart. I talk about showing yourself love and kindness. Let's just say I am all for love.

I could write an article about any of those things. But what I most what you to love right now is ....Money.

Maybe you already love money but it feels unrequited. Maybe you and money are more on and off than Rachel and Ross. Or maybe even the thought of loving money or loving making money makes you uncomfortable. That's okay. If that’s where you are right now that’s okay. If you would like to have a different relationship with money then keep reading. 

Try to open your mind and more importantly your heart to the possibilities of life when you love money and money loves you. Unconditionally. Consistently.  

Our relationship with money directly effects the results we experience in our business.

Our relationship with money directly effects the results we experience in our business. And simply wanting to make more money isn’t enough, like any relationship, if we want to experience something different we have to do the work.

If your experience with money so far has been less than romantic, I understand that it’s difficult to see it being any other way. If it’s always been hard to earn money then it’s hard to imagine a life where it isn’t. If you have always struggled to makes ends meet or found that your money is spent as soon as it comes in, it can be difficult to imagine money in a consistent and constant supply. If you’ve managed to earn plenty of money in the past but in order to do it you had to sacrifice your joy or authenticity, it can feel impossible to imagine that earning money could be done in a way that lights you up or in a way that aligns with your soul. 

But your experience so far is simply an experience, it isn’t a fact. Even if it feels like it. 

At the moment I am re-reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. A fantastic read if you haven’t read it already. And the teachings of this book would describe your relationship with money as an agreement. An agreement that you made unconsciously as a child based on what you were taught and what you witnessed in those early formative years. As a child, you didn’t have the opportunity to choose your own beliefs, you simply agreed with the information that was passed down from the adults in your life. 

Now as an adult however, you have the opportunity to break the agreements that are no longer serving you. And to form new ones that align with life you want.

There are a lot of agreements or beliefs in the world about money. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Money is bad or evil. Money doesn’t buy you happiness. 

None of these beliefs are facts. But they become your reality if you agree to them. 

Your perspective on this energy and how you interact with it impacts how it shows up in your life. 

How it might these agreements about money be showing up in your business? 

You might feel uncomfortable raising your prices. Or when pricing an offer you base it on what you think others can afford or will be willing to pay. You might favour promoting your lowest priced offer over anything else. Maybe you avoid doing your accounts or avoid looking at your bank balance in general. Perhaps you procrastinate on sending out invoices. Maybe you find yourself exchanging or bartering your services with others (even if what the other person is offering isn’t really something you need or equal to what you’re giving).

Maybe you haven’t even started yet because you don’t see how your business could bring in a consistent flow of income. 

There are countless ways it can show up. The point is to notice it. Notice the pattern, notice the manifestation. Side note - in case you don't already are always manifesting...not just when you stick up some goals on a vision board. You are constantly manifesting everything in you life through your thoughts an actions. Including your bank balance. 

Let's flip the money script!

Let’s imagine a world where you love money and money loves you. I want you to go there in your mind. In the hope that tuning into that feeling will show you why it’s worth doing the work. 

When you love money and you are secure in the fact that money loves you and you are worthy of money, here’s what happens:

Your outlook changes. You feel lighter and brighter and more positive. You begin to see all of the possibilities rather than all the risks. You see the gain not the gap. 

You feel more comfortable investing your money and spending your money. Because you know it’s coming back to you. 

You feel confident in charging what you want to charge and trust that you will attract all the business you require to meet your needs. 

You take more action. You worry less and fear less in your business and you confidently take the actions you need to and those actions attract clients and customers. 

You prioritise self care and time for yourself. Because you trust that taking time off does not equate in losing money and in fact you know that when you look after your energy you create more space for more wealth. 

You feel content in knowing that having money does not make you a bad person and you don’t worry about other peoples agreements or beliefs about money as you know that is actually a reflection on them. 

I could go on. But hopefully that’s that’s enough to show you why it’s worth falling in love with money and allowing money to love you. 

How to fall in love with money

"How can I cultivate this wonderful new love in my life?" I hear you ask! This is not a quick fix but it doesn’t have to take a long timer either. There is a simple thing that you can do now and everyday to start to change your relationship with money. You start by simply becoming aware of the agreements you have made about money. Simply pay attention and notice how you speak and think about money. Take note of the patterns and the way it's showing up for you. Awareness is key. Because once you bring this into your awareness you can start to heal it and move on from it. 

Decide on how you want to feel about money and how you want it to show up for you. Write it all out. Write your new money story, the love story. 

When you notice yourself thinking or saying things from the old script, and you will notice it, I want you to stop yourself and take some lines from your new love story. Replace the thoughts. Replace the negative limiting thoughts with new empowering ones. And continue to do it each and every time you notice them. 

This might sound simple and I guess it is, but it's powerful. Once you even start to change the script you will begin to feel and see the benefits. Eventually your inner and outer dialogue about money will have completely transformed and so will your relationship with money. 

There is lots of other tools, practices and techniques you can use and that I would highly recommend. Such as tapping, hypnosis, energy work, NLP, journaling and of course coaching. But even if you take this one step. Becoming aware of what you say and think and replacing it with more empowering thoughts. If all you do is that, and continue to do it, you'll find yourself experiencing life a lot different. 

If you want to dig a bit deeper I suggest reading books such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. 

It's not a fairy tale or pipe dream

Money is an energy worth loving and opening up to. It isn’t evil and it may not be able to buy you happiness but it can support your happiness by allowing you to pay for the life you want. Until you improve your relationship with money, earning money in your business might feel hard and may be elusive. No matter how much hard work you do or how many experts you seek advice or support from.

And I don't want that for you. I want you to be able to run your business from a place of ease, peace and joy. Not from a place of fear or worry or lack. And it can be done! This isn't a fiary tale or a pipe dream. It can be done. I am doing it!

I have completely transformed my relationship with money. I used to live completely in lack. I deprived myself of nights out and holidays for years. In fact I did no traveling in most of my 20s because I thought I couldn't afford it. Living in lack was not really living. I deprived myself from a lot of experiences and joy. But thankfully I don't live there anymore. I can confidently say that I live abundantly now. My script has changed. I am happily self employed and I trust that I will attract all the income that I require to live the life I want. 

Some might say it’s a chicken-egg situation, like maybe you need to start earning it before you can trust it will always come in. But if it was me I wouldn't wait. I’d do the work. What do you have to lose?

If you think you would like some support in changing your mindset around money and falling in love with making it, I am developing a mini self coaching course to guide you through each step. It includes guided visualisation and mediations and journaling. Click here to join the waist list to be the first to hear when it is available.

I wish you so much love and joy, on this day, this month and beyond. I wish for you all the abundance and prosperity you require to live a joyful life that aligns with your purpose. 

With love and light, 

Ailish x

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