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5 Answers You Need to Market Your Business With Ease

Ailish Flaherty | 23 November, 2021

            5 Answers You Need to Market Your Business With Ease

A lot of people come to me looking for help with Social Media. They find it difficult to come up with engaging ideas for content. When they do create content; they find they aren't getting the response they want and they simply don't enjoy managing their channels. Often they want to outsource the job and hire someone to take over their channels so they don't have to. Thinking that someone who is an expert will do a better job. 

Here's what I tell them.

It's very difficult to create content and grow your audience if you don't have a clear idea of what it is you want to say overall and who you want to say it to. 

It's equally difficult to expect a VA or even a Social Media Expert to be able to effectively speak to your audience on your behalf if you don't have clear guidelines for them to follow. If you don't know your can they?

That is why I am always harping on about defining your brand. 

Why do you need a defined business brand?

A brand is much more than a logo and trendy colours. Branding is about managing what people expect, experience and remember about your business. It's about identifying what makes you and your business overwhelmingly, wonderfully special and then showing that to customers and potential customers in the most compelling way possible.

Here are 5 Questions that when answered will give you the Branding Foundations your business needs. 

The answers to the following questions will allow you to market your business with ease and confidence! 

1. The Why Question- Your Business Mission

Connecting to your why is a massive step in defining your business brand. Why are you doing what you're doing? What have you experienced or gone through that you want to help people with? What is your mission in business? Your purpose for doing what you do. The bigger picture reason, the more than just income reason. Because let's face it, it could be less effort to earn an income working for someone else. This 'why" is a huge part of your brand story and will likely help you get closer to and connect with the people you wish to serve. 

2.  The Where Question - Your Business Vision

Where do you see your business going in the future? Do you envisage a huge worldwide team? Do you see a brick and mortar centre of excellence? Do you imagine a fully automated system ticking over online while you sip cocktails? What impact do you see your business having on the people you serve? What legacy to you want to leave behind you? Having the "where" question answered is going to give you focus and direction and a position to build towards.  

3. The Who Question - Your Ideal Customer

Who is the person you want to help? What are they like as a person? What challenges do they face? What problems so they need solutions for? Getting to know this person as if they were a close friend is what will help you attract this person to your business. It will allow you to relate to them and speak a language they understand. It will make your content evoke the response you want in them. It will make them say "OMG this is so me!"

This "who" may be similar to who you were before you experienced something or found something that changed you, or woke you up! 

4.  The What Question - You Core Offering

What you offer is not necessarily a list of everything you do for a person. I bet you can do countless things that can help someone. What is the core programme, course, treatment or package that you offer? They one that you know is what people need, to experience real results or real transformation. The one that you enjoy the most and perhaps earn the most from. If you don't have a core offering yet start dreaming. If you do, learn to describe it in a way that your ideal client will find undeniably familiar and need to know more. 

5. The How Question  - Your Strategy

How you plan to share all the above information is a vital step. How will you reach your audience? What media or forms of communication will you use? Who will you collaborate with? How often will you show up online? How much time will you dedicate to marketing and growth? How will you reinforce your brand? What steps will you take to make it visibly memorable? Have an overall strategy for your business and a content plan that aligns with it. 

Are you going to take action?

If you are not able to easily answer the above questions for your business or if you want to put plans in place for marketing your business in 2022 then click here to join my NEW Brand Express group workshop series designed to give you what you need to build the foundations of your brand and  market your business in 2022 with confidence and clarity. 


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